A Little About This Site

I started this blog without a real direction but with an idea. I have a passion for eating good food with friends and family. I like to create dishes from whatever I can find in our cupboards and fridge. I’m not a super chef or cook, but the kitchen is where I often feel most creative. This isn’t a traditional food blog. I won’t often post actual recipes, and my photos often won’t be directly related to what I’m describing. In fact, there will likely be days when I don’t write about food at all. But when I do, I see this blog as more of an inspiration. I want to inspire others to create easy, tasty meals with everyday ingredients. I want to help them see cooking and preparing food as time to be spent with family, rather than as a chore. Let’s continue the revolution of moving away from sugar/salt/preservative-filled prepackaged foods and toward home-cooked meals that all can enjoy!