Time to Eat

First off, I want to say that we made a Cauliflower and Tomato Coconut Curry a couple nights ago, and we are still enjoying the fruits of our labor. Thank you to A Couple Cooks for sharing that one. [On a side note, I don’t know Sonja and Alex, but I love them. I love their food, I love their photo, I covet their kitchen, I want to emulate their healthy lifestyle. Huge blog crush!]

Anyway, I don’t often follow recipes exactly–not because I’m all into experimenting or anything; it’s usually because I don’t have all the ingredients and tend to just make do. Often it works, but just as often the results are very meh! But I pretty much followed this recipe, except for substituting red quinoa for the rice. Great the first night and even better today. And there’s plenty more for at least a couple more meals. I have a feeling that as those flavors continue to meld, it’s just going to get better.

But tonight we decided to take a break from the curry and move toward northern Africa. And this time I took a recipe and totally changed it up. The original recipe actually sounds delicious as is, but … (1) I don’t have a full chicken; I just have drumsticks. (2) I didn’t want to take the time to simmer and then roast said chicken; I need to get in a meal so that we can digest our food somewhat before heading out for a late workout at the Y. (Who are we, and what have we done with our real selves?) and (3) I didn’t have all the ingredients anyway.

So, take one Chicken Tagine with Herbs and Harissa Olives, courtesy of Food and Wine, and turn it into chicken thighs marinated in mint tea with ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, onion salt, pepper, and parsley. Add a side of roasted new and sweet potatoes tossed with chopped onion and garlic and a bunch of herbs and spices: cilantro, parsley, coriander, ginger, salt, pepper, saffron (yes, I had saffron but I didn’t have butter or olives … go figure).

We cheated and microwaved the potatoes first (we have a schedule, people!) and then threw it all together into the oven. While Mr. J grilled the chicken, I threw together a spinach, cuke, pear, goat cheese salad with another delicious discovery from A Couple Cooks: 2 T stone ground mustard + 2 T honey + 2 T white wine vinegar + 2 T olive oil.

Easy peasy. And I’m happy to say that except for overdoing it a bit with the saffron and roasting the potatoes just a little too long, it was all absolutely delicious. It would have been great with that off-dry viognier chilling in our fridge, but alas, the Y beckons.

Stupid healthy lifestyle!*


* I kid.


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