Hauling Myself Back on Track

I fell off the writing-regularly wagon … and how! The holidays, family, work, and on and on. But these are all lame excuses, because there certainly were days when I sat around and stared at the tube or colored (really) or just flipped through the various phone apps that suck up so many minutes of my days.

But I am back, even if I’m not necessarily in the best frame of mind to write. I’ve been hit with what I am self-diagnosing as a post-holidaze funk. My cupboards, mental and physical, are bare. So, in usual fashion, I am scrounging around to find something nutritious to feed my soul.

As part of that search, I’ve gotten back into exercise after much too long away. But it hasn’t been an immediate, soul-improving event. Yesterday’s dog walk turned into an exercise of patience, as we stopped every few steps to remind her who is in charge (me?!) and that pulling on the leash is not acceptable. Yes, it’s true that we got in 5 miles of walking, but it took nearly two hours.

And this morning’s attempt at making this delicious-looking Dutch Pancake failed miserably, as our light, fluffy concoction came out as thin and flat and solid as an old shoe sole. So appetizing. Apparently egg nog and milk are not interchangeable.

And yet I continue to strive to find the upbeat and positive. I have food in my cupboards, I spent two hours in the sunshine, I came home to a man I love with a dog I (usually) adore. I am able to walk, see, hear, feel, smell, taste, touch, love, share. My life is truly good, and I am thankful for it everyday.

But I’m still allowed to be grumpy. So, there.


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