I never got an update about the Live Your Legend “assignment” for the day. Not for lack of trying, that’s for sure! It’s ridiculous the number of times I checked my inbox and the Facebook page to see if there was a prompt to follow. Anything to avoid working on my real work!

But, alas, no distractions were delivered; so instead, I persevered and finished the real-work discussion paper with plenty of time to spare. So very unlike Miss Procrastinator Me!

And now, here I am. At least sticking to my plan to write (almost) every day for seven days. (I missed Sunday, though I did create art with girlfriends, so I’m thinking that counts for something.)

When I told my husband of my prompt-less dilemma, he suggested writing about people who inspire me and what it is about them that inspires me. Brilliant!

Unlike yesterday’s post, which proved so difficult for me, I am full of people who inspire me. Yes, there are the usuals, like Gandhi, MLK Jr., etc., etc. But the more personal ones are pretty numerous, which I guess makes me a lucky person. To know and love so many people I admire is definitely something to be grateful for.

Note: This will not be an exhaustive list by any means.

  • My 96.75-year-old grandmother inspires me with her wit, humor, love for family, and plain old stamina. She is by no means perfect (who is?), but she is the most graceful, classy lady I know. If I live to be that age, may I have her spunk and sense of humor (and ridiculously good health)!
  • I love my dad’s love of words and love of learning. (Is that too much love?) All my life he has inspired me to learn and to express myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his perseverance in getting things done or his ability to remember anyone’s name, even after a one-time meeting.
  • My mom’s generosity, sense of humor, and creative spark have inspired me to come into my own and share my own generosity and humor with those I cherish.
  • My sister is one of the best moms I know, raising three beautiful, talented girls while working as a reading specialist and working on her second master’s degree. And her ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face is her super-duper power.
  • And then there’s my husband. Outgoing, intelligent, resourceful, the best guy to have around in an emergency situation, gregarious with a great laugh, but also ready to stay in, hide from the world, and cuddle. Just about everyone likes him instantly; he is definitely my better half. He has inspired me to be the self I want to be, the self he sees me as. Since meeting him, I’ve become less snarky, more compassionate (hard to believe), more confident, a better friend, a better person.

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