The First Day

“The more I write, the more I discover.” – Unknown

A new day, a new blog.

I have many intentions for this blog … a record of what we eat when we say we have nothing to eat, a record of my self-work at figuring out exactly what I want to be when I “grow up,” a record of my general thoughts and feelings in relation to whatever happens to pop up for me that day.

Initially, Bare Cupboards was going to be about our allegedly empty kitchen from which we are almost always able to create a filling, healthy, satisfying, and even delicious meal. But perhaps Bare Cupboards is also about how I often feel I don’t have much to offer or say, when I actually do have my own unique viewpoint–sometimes silly, sometimes lame, sometimes witty, sometimes semi-original, but always my own. And that is what I am here to explore.

I’m starting this today because of the Live Your Legend (LYL) Blog Challenge. I’d been throwing around the idea of creating a new blog that isn’t just for family or isn’t just for my late-night, often-drunken ramblings. This one is for me to see where it can take me. So let’s see how this goes!


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